[23][24][25][26] In a CNN interview, when Larry King asked him to clarify the "typical white person" remark, Obama said: Well, what I meant really was that some of the fears of street crime and some of the stereotypes that go along with that were responses that I think many people feel. At least three of Michelle Obama's great-uncles served in the military of the United States. [31], In his victory speech on the night of his election, President Obama repeated his promise to Sasha and Malia to get a puppy to take with them to the White House. Obama's family said that his maternal great-grandmother, Leona McCurry, was part Native American. This article is part of a series on the lifelong relationship between the grandparents and parents of Barack H. Obama, and Obama himself, and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and numerous anomalies, including prior identification in time, using quantum access, surrounding Mr. Obama's accession to the U.S. Presidency in 2008. They had two children, Yusuf Aji Soetoro (b. In 1961, Barack Obama was born to Ann and Barack Obama Sr. He studied philosophy at McGill University and cultural studies at the University of Victoria before getting his PhD degree from University of Hawaii at Manoa. [119] She is the sole surviving full sibling of Barack Obama Sr.[121], Sarah Onyango Obama was the third wife of Obama's paternal grandfather. [62] He was the assistant director of the University of Chicago's Library. [216] Subsequently, Michelle moved into the second floor apartment while working at the law firm Sidley & Austin. citizen. His mother was a single mom for much of his childhood, and he spent a lot of time living with his grandparents. Obama's family said that his paternal great-grandmother, Ruth Dunham, died November 26, 1926, from ptomaine poisoning. Recently surfaced audio footage shows Barack Obama’s grandmother admit that the President was born in Kenya. It is said of him that he had ants up his anus, because he could not sit still. "Documenting President Barack Obama's Maternal African-American Ancestry:Tracing His Mother's Bunch Ancestry to the First Slave in America", "Partial Ancestor Table: President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr", Joint session of Congress (health care reform), Illinois State Senate election, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2000 Illinois's 1st congressional district election, Republican and conservative support (2008), Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Madelyn_Dunham&oldid=991624998, University of California, Berkeley alumni, Articles with dead external links from June 2016, Articles with dead external links from August 2010, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 01:01. Called "Barry" by his family and friends, he was sent to a prestigious private academy in Honolulu, the Punahou School, where he was one of just a handful of black students. She was 86 and had been suffering from cancer. Stanley Armour Dunham (March 23, 1918 – February 8, 1992) was the maternal grandfather of the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama.He and his wife Madelyn Payne Dunham raised Obama from the age of 10 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She continued to help care for them while living in the White House as part of the First Family;[205] she was the first live-in grandmother since Elivera M. Doud during the Eisenhower administration. [218], Capers C. Funnye Jr. is Michelle Obama's first cousin once removed: his mother, Verdelle Robinson Funnye (born Verdelle Robinson; August 22, 1930 – April 16, 2000), was a sister of Michelle Obama's paternal grandfather, Fraser Robinson Jr. "[174] He told The Telegraph that he was inspired by his half-brother. He and his wife Madelyn Dunham raised Obama in Honolulu, Hawaii. [29] The Obama girls began classes there on January 5, 2009;[30] Malia graduated in 2016. [17], Dunham took care of her daughter in Hawaii in the months before Ann Dunham died in 1995 at age 52. 1997). and Phoebe (1879–1920?). [59] There was brief media attention when Obama mistakenly identified the camp as Auschwitz during the campaign. [34] On April 12, 2009, it was reported that the Obamas had adopted a six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog given to them as a gift by Senator Ted Kennedy;[35] Malia and Sasha named the dog Bo. Madelyn Dunham gave birth to their only child, a daughter named Stanley Ann Dunham, who was later known as Ann, at St. Francis Hospital in Wichita on November 29, 1942. [168] In it, he accused their father Barack Sr. of abuse. [45][46] The DNA evidence suggests that Punch was of Sub-Saharan origin, possibly from Cameroon. They had at least two children together: Abongo [Roy] and Auma; and she has also claimed Bernard and Abo Obama as sons by Barack Sr. She lives in Bracknell, Berkshire, England. [129], In November 2014, Sarah Obama received an award from the United Nations for the work of an education foundation that she heads, as a part of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.[130]. [58] Obama has often described Payne's role in liberating the Ohrdruf forced labor camp. [42][43][44] Ancestry.com announced on July 30, 2012, that, going by a combination of old documents and yDNA analysis, her mother's family may be descended from John Punch, an African man, who was an indentured servant then slave in seventeenth-century colonial Virginia. On his paternal side, Obama's siblings include half-sister Auma Obama, as well as half-brothers Malik Obama, Mark Ndesandjo, David … Kearney and his wife are buried in Fairview Cemetery in Labette County, Kansas. [103] Barack Obama relates how his step-grandmother Granny Sarah (Sarah Onyango Obama) describes his grandfather: "Even from the time that he was a boy, your grandfather Onyango was strange. [149] As of July 2008, she was a development worker in Kenya. Michelle Obama's family history traces from colonists and slavery in the South to Reconstruction to the Great Migration to northern cities, in her family's case, Cleveland and Chicago. The family of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, and his wife Michelle Obama is made up of people of Kenyan (Luo), African-American, and Old Stock American (including originally English, Scots-Irish, Welsh, German, and Swiss) ancestry. [173] Returning to Kenya, George Obama "slept rough for several years,"[175] until his aunt gave him a six-by-eight foot corrugated metal shack in the Nairobi slum of Huruma Flats. [138] Although much of the Obama family has dispersed throughout Kenya and overseas, most, including Malik Obama, still consider their rural village on the shores of Lake Victoria to be their true home. Press Release: Ancestry.com Discovers President Obama Related to First Documented Slave in America: Research Connects First African-American President to First African Slave in the American Colonies. [38][39][40] Her most recent native European ancestor was her great-great grandfather, Robert Perry, who was born in Anglesey, Wales in 1786 and whose father, Henry Perry, first settled Radnor, Ohio in 1803. [157] She followed Obama Sr. back to Kenya five weeks later, and married him in Kenya in a civil ceremony on December 24, 1964. US President Barack Obama's paternal grandmother Sara Omar went to Makkah to perform the Muslim pilgrimage of Umrah, according to a report by ArabianBusiness.com. Barack Obama's mother was a student in Barack's early years so he lived with his parents and maternal grandparents while growing up. [72][70] Barack Obama visited Moneygall in 2011. In 2017 Auma Obama was honoured with the fourth International TÜV Rheinland Global Compact Award in Cologne. [40] Then they moved to Morocco, where they had a panel with Freida Pinto and Meryl Streep moderated by CNN's Isha Sesay in Marrakesh and delivered a substantive amount of money to aid 62 million girls lacking access to formal education. “Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, left him stock in the Bank of Hawaii valued at almost $500,000 at the time of her death in November 2008, the tax return shows,” said the Post. The second of three photos Soetoro-Ng wants to talk about is from June 1972 and shows her and Obama with their mother, Soetoro-Ng's paternal grandmother and the … Each of her four grandparents was multiracial. [75], Lolo Soetoro, Javanese given name: Martodihardjo,[76][77] was the second husband of Ann Dunham (married on March 15, 1965)[78] and stepfather to Barack Obama. Barack Obama has called his wife Michelle Obama "the most quintessentially American woman I know." Her third son, Joseph Ndesandjo, was born c. 1980 in her second marriage. Payne (August 23, 1892 – October 15, 1968)[3] and Leona Belle (McCurry) Payne (May 7, 1897 – March 22, 1968). She retired from civil service as an executive secretary. Obama and his half-sister Maya Soetoro referred to Dunham as "Toot"—short for "tutu", the Hawaiian word for grandmother. Date of married acc. Melvinia did not talk to relatives about his father. During his teenage years, it was his grandmother who "injected" into him "a lot of that very midwestern, sort of traditional sense of prudence and hard work", even though "some of those values didn't sort of manifest themselves until I got older". In an interview with The Times, he "said that he was furious at subsequent reports that he had been abandoned by the Obama family and that he was filled with shame about living in a slum. [100] (One source gives 1870–1975 as his dates of birth and death, possibly based on his tombstone in his home village. "Chief Rabbi Metzger says Obama's Jewish half-brother will lobby to release Pollard,", D'Souza, Dinesh. ... Obama has famously celebrated the influence of his grandparents on his life, with whom he moved in at age 10. Linguistically, Luo is one of the Nilotic languages. Obama said his iconic image of his grandmother was seeing her come home from work and trading her business outfit and girdle for a muumuu, some slippers and a drink and a cigarette. Photo from Obama for America. [6] She is Barack Obama's wife, and was the first African-American first lady. [16], As first lady, Michelle Obama sought to become a role model for women, an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating, and became a fashion icon. During World War II, Madelyn Dunham worked the night shift on a Boeing B-29 assembly line in Wichita and Stanley Dunham enlisted in the Army. He served in the ministries of transportation and finance. The Senator is canceling nearly all of his campaign events to fly to Hawaii to visit Madelyn Dunham, 86, who is suddenly ill In his definitive 2010 biography of Barack Obama, "The Bridge," New Yorker editor David Remnick features a photograph of a dapper young Barack Obama sitting between his grandparents … [165], In 2009, Mark Ndesandjo published a semi-autobiographical novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Novel of Love in the East. [137] Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya,[138] he earned a degree in accounting from the University of Nairobi. Ng and his younger brother, Perry, were born and raised in Burlington, Ontario Canada. The Barack Obama family history continued in Indonesia, when her mother moved them overseas with her second husband and lived there from the time Obama was six until he turned 10. "[104] As a young man, Onyango learned to speak, read and write in English, the language of British colonial administration in Kenya. [46], Ancestry chart source: New England Historic Genealogical Society. [1] She was an honor roll student and one of the best students at Augusta High School, where she graduated in 1940. Madelyn Payne Dunham, Senator Barack Obama's maternal grandmother, died in Honolulu early this morning. [88] From 2011-2015 he was the Director of the Smithsonian's Asian Pacific American Program. CHARLOTTE -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama suffered a heavy loss on the eve of the election that he hopes will win him the White House. Her dissertation was on the conception of labor in Germany and its literary reflections.[150]. [202], Marian Lois Robinson (born Marian Lois Shields, July 30, 1937), is descended from Dolphus Shields and his wife. [157] She later became a private kindergarten director in Kenya. The way his half sister, Maya, remembers it, Obama returned home at Christmas in 1980, and there he told his mother and grandparents: no more Barry. [40], In August 2016, Sasha began working at Nancy's, a seafood restaurant in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. [185] Onyango's attorneys said that his defense at the December 3, 2013, deportation hearing would be a reliance on the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, because Onyango had resided in the U.S. since before January 1, 1972, the cutoff date of the 1986 amnesty. While Michelle and Barack Obama were campaigning in 2008, Robinson tended the Obamas' young children. [119] (She should not be confused with her stepmother Sarah Onyango Obama, also often called just Sarah Obama, the third wife of Onyango. Also known as Akumu Nyanjoga and Sje. 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From 2008 until 2014, he served as head coach of men's basketball at Oregon State University. Such a coincidence that Obama's grandmother die on the eve of election day, I don't think so, watch this video and decides yourself. [83] They have two daughters, Suhaila[84][85][86] and Savita. Key details come from interviews in The Chicago Tribune … She cooked Southern-style meals for Michelle and her brother Craig, when they were students at Princeton University. "Barack Obama said specifically that he didn't believe his grandmother harbored any racial animosity, but that her fears were understandable and typical of those often shared by her generation," said Obama's PA spokesman Sean Smith, who added that Grandma is 86-years-old. [8] Madelyn Dunham gave birth to their only child, a daughter named Stanley Ann Dunham, who was later known as Ann, at St. Francis Hospital in Wichita on November 29, 1942. She was a professor of nutrition who taught at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1980–1990). [89][90], Ng studies "how minority and diaspora communities use cinema and digital media to engage in artistic and cultural representation and preservation, and community mobilization. Page is used as a template, so please leave the "noinclude" tags alone unless sure you know what the effect will be. Dunham helped raise the Democratic presidential nominee and frequently was cited in his speeches as an inspiration. After her graduation at Heidelberg, she went on for graduate studies at the University of Bayreuth, earning a PhD degree in 1996. Barack Obama was raised by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, called Ann, and maternal grandparents Madelyn and Stanley Dunham. I live well even now. Obama's grandparents, Stanley Armour Dunham and his wife Madelyn are another piece of the puzzle. Barack Obama (1961) Parents 2. Obama started a close relationship with his maternal grandparents. She was 86 and had been suffering from cancer. Since 2016, he has been the Executive Director of The Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design in Honolulu. — Barack Obama . After his divorce from Dunham, Soetoro married Erna Kustina. Kezia "Grace" Obama (also known as Kezia Aoko)[131] was born c. [37], As a high school student, Malia Obama spent a portion of the summer in 2014 and 2015 working in television studios in New York and Los Angeles. [173] He received little attention until featured in an article in the Italian-language edition of Vanity Fair in August 2008 during the US presidential campaign. Obama wrote in his memoir, [104] He joined the King's African Rifles during World War I.[106]. Obama's family in Kenya are members of the Luo people, the nation's second-largest ethnic group. In a September 10, 2008, interview on Late Show with David Letterman, Obama described his grandmother as follows: Eighty-seven years old. He was tried in a magistrates' court either on charges of sedition or being a member of a banned organization. Her mother conceived her after having given birth to another child and before resuming her menses. [56][57] He died in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is buried at the Punchbowl National Cemetery. [139] The half brothers met for the first time in 1985[138] when Barack flew from Chicago to Washington, D.C., to visit him. When we arrived there were no German soldiers anywhere around that I knew about. At the age of ten, Obama returned to Hawaii and lived with his maternal grandparents; later his mother and sister returned as well. "How I became George Obama's 'brother',", Nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage, United States Agency for International Development, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, New England Historic Genealogical Society, "A Family Tree Rooted In American Soil: Michelle Obama Learns About Her Slave Ancestors, Herself and Her Country", "The Obamas came from a place we all came from", "Michelle Obama, Race and the Ivy League", "Obama named first Associate Dean of Student Services", "Michelle Obama appointed vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals", "Michelle Obama: 'He Swept Me Off My Feet, "Michelle Obama, Ann Romney get positive ratings after conventions", "Michelle Obama's stirring speech brings Democratic convention to tears", "Michelle Obama emerges as an American fashion icon", "Michelle Obama settling in as a role model", First Lady Michelle Obama says Malia will be driving this summer, "Malia Obama's birthday: President's oldest daughter will turn 11 as thousands descend on White House lawn for 4th of July", "Birthday Girl Sasha Obama Celebrates in London", "Obama's Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close", "What I Want for You—And Every Child in America", "Barack Obama Gives Daughter $1 Allowance a Week", "Obama daughters keep hectic schedules of their own", "Obama regrets letting 'Access Hollywood' interview daughters. [193] At the hearing, Immigration Judge Leonard I. Shapiro ruled that Onyango was eligible for permanent residence and would receive a green card. Paternal grandfather to Barack Obama, he was born Onyango Obama. 1. So when I got nominated, she called and said, "That's nice, Barry, that's nice". [109] When he later converted to Islam, he took the first name Hussein. At the age of ten, Obama returned to Hawaii and lived with his maternal grandparents; later his mother and sister returned as well. [39], During the week June 26, 2016, to July 3, 2016, Michelle, Sasha, Malia and Michelle's mother Marian Robinson went to Liberia to promote the Let Girls Learn Peace initiative, for which the United States has funded $27 million in aid for expansion. The grandmother who helped raise Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama and whom he had credited with shaping his values has died of cancer, he said in a statement on Monday. [28] Malia and Sasha both graduated from the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., the same school that Chelsea Clinton, Tricia Nixon Cox, Archibald Roosevelt and the grandchildren of Joe Biden (when he was Vice President) attended. [71] Around the same time, a photo of him was discovered. But he mostly grew up in Hawaii with his grandparents Stanley Dunham, a … Obama's mother remarried and moved to Indonesia, where he lived from age 6 to 10. Michelle Obama's extended family has said that people didn't talk about slavery time while they were growing up. -Lynn Sweet", "Obama girls start school with photographers in tow", Education Secretary Duncan's children to go to Chicago private school he attended, "Move over Barney, new dog moving into White House", "Obamas down to Labradoodle or Portuguese water dog", "Barack Obama: Sunny the dog 'fills void at White House, "Malia Obama to Attend Harvard, but Not Until 2017", "Malia Obama to spend summer as an intern at U.S. Embassy in Spain", "Obama travel for let girls learn initiative", "Sasha Obama has summer job serving takeout food", "Malia Obama's Secret Trip to Bolivia and Peru", "Malia Obama to Intern for Harvey Weinstein", "Malia Obama kicks off her college career at Harvard", Sasha Obama graduates from high school with presidential parents looking on, Sasha Obama will begin college classes at the University of Michigan next week, "A free-spirited wanderer who set Obama's path", "Obama had multiethnic existence in Hawaii: Sections of potential 2008 candidate's life drawing greater scrutiny", "Madelyn Dunham, Obama's grandmother, dies at 86", "MADELYN DUNHAM, OBAMA'S GRANDMOTHER, DIES", "Madelyn Dunham blazed a trail for women in banking", "Press Release: Ancestry.com Discovers President Obama Related to First Documented Slave in America: Research Connects First African-American President to First African Slave in the American Colonies", "Duke to publish paper by Obama's mother", "Barack Obama: Mother not just a girl from Kansas; Stanley Ann Dunham shaped a future senator", "Video: Reflections on Obama's mother (02:34)", "President Barack Obama's Ancestors and Kinships", "Obama's great-uncle recalls liberating Nazi camp", "Obama Campaign Scrambles to Correct the Record on Uncle's War Service", "Spiegel Interview With Obama's Great-Uncle : 'I Was Horrified by Lengths Men Will Go to Mistreat Other Men, "Obama's Gramps: Gazing skyward on D-Day", "Obama's Gramps: Backing Patton's army after D-Day", "Rare Photograph of "Fully" Kearney, President Obama's Irish Ancestor, Discovered", "Fulmoth Kearney, President Obama's Irish Immigrant Ancestor, Gets a Tombstone", "Photo of Barack Obama's Irish Immigrant 3rd Great-Grandfather, Fulmoth Kearney, Discovered", "10 reasons why Barack Obama Plaza is the best place on earth", "Barack Obama statue unveiled in Moneygall, Co Offaly", Habib, Ridlwan. [214] Robbie was Michelle's piano teacher[215] as well as nearest neighbor. [135] Her sister, Jane, is the 'Auntie Jane' mentioned at the very start of Dreams from My Father; she telephoned Obama in the US in 1982 to tell him that his father had been killed in a car accident in Kenya. [87] He was an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii's Academy of Creative Media. "[26][27] In July 2008, the family gave an interview to the television series Access Hollywood. Stanley and Madelyn Dunham didn't know many black people until their daughter fell in love with a college classmate from Africa. When he retired, they moved back to South Carolina.[4]. [81] He married Maya Soetoro-Ng at the end of 2003 in Hawaii. [9], With Madelyn and Stanley Dunham both working full-time, the family moved to Berkeley, California, Ponca City, Oklahoma,[10] Vernon, Texas,[11] El Dorado, Kansas, Seattle, Washington and settled in Mercer Island, Washington, where Ann Dunham graduated from Mercer Island High School. [21] They were both delivered at University of Chicago Medical Center by their parents' friend and physician Anita Blanchard. [202] A year later, the monument was vandalized and knocked from its base, but was quickly replaced. [4], Jim married twice, first to a woman named Louiser, with whom he had two sons, Gabriel and Fraser, Michelle Obama's great-grandfather. Ponca City was the headquarters for Continental Oil Company (Conoco) and had a huge refinery at Ponca City employing thousands. In 1949, Onyango spent at least six months in Kamiti Prison. "[91] From 2011 to 2016, he served as director of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. 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Barack Obama: The presidential hopeful tackles the "lipstick on a pig" controversy and other campaign topics", "Obama leaving campaign trail to visit grandmother", "Obama "Can't Imagine" Using McCain Tactics", "Obama's grandmother dies a day before election", "On Eve of Election, Obama Pays Tribute to Grandmother Who Died in Hawaii", "Vote cast by Barack Obama's grandmother in Hawaii will count, officials say", "Obama bids farewell to grandmother on Oahu coast", "Wales link in US presidential candidate's past".

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